SUKA Nutritional Biscuits For Weight Loss

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If YOU ARE EMBARRASSED, your health is threatened because of excess weight, you don’t have to take needless chances. Be guided by the results and the hundreds of testimonials on WECHAT after trying SUKA Nutritional Biscuits.

Top No.1 Weight Loss Food Product In China Within a year!

SUKA Nutritional Biscuits launched since May 2017, in just a year, many thousands have tried. SUKA nutritional biscuits was featured on CCTV and local channels. Safe brand for both children and adults. Even many doctors are happy customers and lose weight themselves.

Taken before meals with just water. SUKA biscuits is not only Safe – but AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE!
Notice how rapidly your figure will change each week. Literally thousands of people have had this same experience. TRY IT TODAY!!

Suka Nutritional Biscuits Are Made of Best Possible Ingredients

Using latest technology and specially selected food ingredient: quinoa, white kidney bean, wheat flour, dietary fiber powder, fruits & vegetables to yield active enzymes that emulsify body fats.

QUINOA – Zero cholesterol, high dietary fiber, nutritious elements, all natural, easily absorbed and digested, rich in minerals and other microelements, without gluten. Balance nutrition, regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol.

WHITE KIDNEY BEAN – Starch absorption blocker, block intake of starch calorie, reduce fats in body.

WHEAT FLOUR – Rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium.  Prevent obesity, constipation, diabetes, nourish kidney, spleen, get rid excess body heat.

DIETARY FIBER POWDER – Enhances immunity, moistening intestines and bowel movement, clears intestines and prevent constipation.


White Kidney Bean

Wheat Flour

Dietary Fiber Powder


  21 packets/box, 15g/packet

  Tasty, Crispy Like Cookies

  Effectively Emulsify Body Fats

  No Weight Rebound

  No Starvation. No Fasting

  Can Be Taken As Snack Meal

  Affordable Weight Loss

  Safe For Everybody. Age 8 ~100

  Singapore AVA & SGS Certification



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